A reverie.

That naive girl who was in love with the idea of love, who always wanted to have a love marriage was from a small town, and daughter of a humble Hindi family. She liked a profile a lot in matrimony site and being a very close knit family she did mention to parents. They liked him too, she stalked him on Facebook taking time from her busy schedule during thesis completion. The families had word with each other, everyone liked each and wanted to meet in person as the dates were getting decided to meet, that’s when the girl comes to know through a senior that they are Christians. Girl with some hesitation that may be parents might not like the fact but she liked him, told them and what she thought happened. Every thing stopped there, as it was an arrange marriage and none had met even, they all dropped the thought. Everyone moved on. The girl also moved on, she never knew how to say no to parents.
Time flew she got married and one day in Facebook she sees a message from that boy, asking where abouts and that how she was. She felt it like a wave hitting on back, she checked his profile and saw he’s also got married and then replied to him. They asked each other bout how there post grads got over and all and then this boy makes a merry confession that he always thought he’ll get married to her but sadly couldn’t happened and he thought that he should talk to her atleast and then they both come to know that only his mom was Catholic. He told her how he stalked her on facebook everyday and stopped the day her marriage pics got updated. They both thought, what if they had this conversations in backdate, they had been together. They had so much in common, it felt like they know each other since ages, they could read each other’s mood through there messages . And then this boy dedicates a song “mannipaya” to this girl. The girl wants to feel his arms but both know they can’t. There’s just a little regret that they could have done the same thing sometime back, they both are happy in their lives but certain things are a part of your journey forever which teach how necessary it is to vocal.
It’s been years to this also but the song still is most played in playlist, though she doesn’t understand the song very well. The boy still messages her on her or his big days. It feels like that’s a supplementary book which lost its importance in whole lot syllabus but had the most fond story to remember for the ages to come.
Human relations as complicated as they can get.